The basketball icon has a deep-rooted connection to the University of Alabama, thanks to his dad, Darrell Miller. Many years ago, Darrell was faced with the decision of where to play college football.

As a talented sportsman, he chose to advance his athletic career at Alabama after declining offers from Georgia Tech and Kentucky.

Although Darrell only spent the 1990 season in Tuscaloosa, his admiration for Alabama football remained steadfast. Upon returning to Nashville in 1991, he carried his passion for the Crimson Tide with him.

This passion naturally transferred to his son, Brandon. Even before Brandon’s birth in 2002, the Alabama football influence was palpable in the Miller household.

Brandon Miller’s father, Darrell, fondly recalls dressing his newborn son in an Alabama onesie, establishing a connection to the team from an early age.

As Brandon grew up, Saturdays were dedicated to watching Alabama football on TV, fostering his love for the team, and becoming an avid fan.

Brandon Miller’s Relationship with His Dad:

Eventually, the bond between father and son extended beyond the realm of football. Hence, Brandon Miller often found himself under the family car, assisting his father with various tasks during his childhood days.

Darrell would explain and demonstrate the use of tools, sparking Brandon’s interest in automobile restoration. These moments of father-son bonding became the foundation for Brandon’s growing passion for fixing up classic cars.

Brandon’s interest in automotive restoration grew further when Darrell would take him and his brother on trips to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The sight and sound of American muscle cars, such as Chargers and Challengers, left a lasting impression on the basketball player, igniting his fascination with these vehicles.

Brandon Miller mother and father
Brandon Miller with his parents.