Matthew Savoie Family (Mother, Father & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Matthew Savoie Family (Mother, Father & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Matthew Savoie. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents, brother, and much more.

Matthew Savoie is a Canadian professional ice hockey Center who plays for St. Albert MHA. He was born on the 1st of January 2004 to his father, Scott Savoie, and mother, Jody Savoie, in St. Albert, AB, Canada.

The athlete was raised alongside his brother (Carter), who was two years older than him. He shared a close bond with Carter and carefully learned a lot of stuff from him.

At the age of two, Savoie had learned to ride a bicycle with no training wheels. He was 4 years old when he first skated without support at the outdoor rink in Lacombe Lake Park.

Those first few years of his childhood taught the young lad a ton of lessons that helped him decide on his aspirations. When Savoie was barely 5, he had already grasped the art of shooting the puck into the top corners of the goalpost.

Gradually, the talented player started keeping up with his brother and older kids in ice hockey. You could hardly tell the age difference between them because Savoie was almost the same height and weight as the older kids.

Nonetheless, he was more composed and had the desire to always win. Thanks to his consistent training, the young lad grew into a talented offensive center who completes all tasks quickly.

Indeed, he skates better than average and has a high top speed as well as the ability to change directions without pausing. No wonder he was rated as a top prospect in the 2022 NHL Draft alongside David Jiricek and Simon Nemec.

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Matthew Savoie Family:

Savoie hails from a hockey-loving household. His nuclear family comprises his father, mother and older brother, Carter. It didn’t matter how big or small his household is, all that mattered is that they love each other.

Thanks to the strong family bond that exists in Savoie’s home, he and his brother have received substantial support in their career development.

Matthew Savoie Ethnicity:

Matt is a native of Alberta and a Canadian citizen. His place of origin (Alberta) is the 4th largest province by area and the 4th most populous Province in Canada.

It is primarily known for oil, and secondarily for cattle ranging. Moreso, it is home to Canada’s largest deposits of oil and natural gas.

Matthew Savoie Father – Scott Savoie:

Interestingly, Matt’s dad knows exactly what he can do on the ice rink. He’s been the mentor and trainer of the iconic prodigy from his childhood days.

Matthew Savoie Father - Scott Savoie

Scott Savoie allowed his sons the freedom to choose their own paths. He never imposed anything on them but worked tirelessly to bring out the best in Matthew and Carter.

He was responsible for teaching Matt how to skate shortly after he learned to walk. Indeed, the player’s father has been instrumental in his career development.

Scott was never too busy to spend some time with his sons. He also kept tab on their career endeavours.

Matthew’s father has called different coaches on several occasions to get his son into a great team. Of course, his calls always came through for Matt.

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Matthew Savoie Mother – Jody Savoie:

Being the last-born son of his family, Matt has always enjoyed special attention from everyone in his household. He often spends so much time with his mom, Jody Savoie, while growing up.

She is his teacher who has loved him unconditionally since birth. However, the young lad hasn’t uploaded any images of his mother or other family members on his social media.

Perhaps he is trying to shelter them from the pry of many toxic people on the internet. Well, he wouldn’t be able to hide her for long as he advances into the 2022 NHL Draft.

Matthew Savoie Brother – Carter Savoie:

As earlier stated, the youngster has an older brother who is also a professional hockey player. His name is Carter Savoie, and he is two years older than Matt.

Carter played hockey for the University of Denver before he was selected 100 overall in the fourth-round pick of the 2020 NHL Draft by the Edmonton Oilers.

Despite the age gap between the two boys, they often competed with each other in the 40-foot by 20-foot boarded cement rink built into their basement.

Because of the brothers’ love for hockey, they would invite a dozen of kids into their basement to make their games more interesting and competitive.

Thanks to the resilience of Matt and his brother, Carter, they both made advanced into playing hockey in college. There’s no denying the fact that Carter’s influence has pushed his younger sibling into becoming a rising star in the ice hockey world.

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Matthew Savoie Brother - Carter Savoie
Meet Matthew Savoie’s Brother, Carter Savoie.

Matthew Savoie Girlfriend:

Following in the footsteps of Shane Wright and Logan Cooley, Matt has given paramount priority to his career endeavours. He doesn’t want to be distracted by relationship matters.

Hence, he hasn’t announced anyone as his girlfriend at the time of compiling this biography. This does not rule out the possibility that he could be having a low-key relationship with a pretty damsel.

Whichever the case may be, we believe he is single as of 2022. We hope he gets to find the perfect girlfriend that would give him peace of mind, eventually.

Quick Facts About Matthew Savoie:

Full Name:Matthew Savoie
Date of Birth:1st of January 2004
Place of Birth:St. Albert, AB, Canada
Father:Scott Savoie
Mother:Jody Savoie
Brother:Carter Savoie
Height:5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 m)
Weight:81 kg (179 lbs)