Shane Wright Family (Mother, Father & Sister), Girlfriend And Facts

Shane Wright Family (Mother, Father & Sister), Girlfriend And Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Shane Wright. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family – Father (Simon), Mother (Tanya), and Sister (Maddie).

Shane Wright is a Canadian ice hockey player for the Kingston Frontenacs of the Ontario Hockey League.

He was born on the 5th of January 2004 to his father, Simon Wright, and mother, Tanya Wright, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Interestingly, Wright had always been an athletic lad from a very young age. He was about 4 years old when his parents had him join Timbits hockey.

Of course, the little boy blended into the group despite being younger than all the kids in the hockey program. Back then, he had a competitive mindset and wanted to best everyone in all he does.

Aside from starting out in hockey, Wright also played football in his early days. At the age of 6, he had already established himself as a striker that other kids approached with caution.

Wright was always desperate to score goals during football games and would charge into his opponent’s half with an unstoppable speed.

There were days when his mother would pull him off the pitch because she was afraid he would bully other kids on the pitch.

Usually, he gets frustrated when his teammates cannot keep up with the game on certain occasions. In the end, he gave up on football and channelled all his energy to developing his prowess in ice hockey.

Shane Wright Family:

From the moment Wright decided to become a hockey player, his ambition was adopted by his entire family. Both his parents and older sister made it their responsibility to see him fulfill his aspiration.

They’ve always played a big role in every decision he has made since his childhood days. When Wright clocked 12, his dad and mom sought to have him join a more promising hockey team.

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The Wright family had no option but to move Shane from Burlington to Toronto so that he could join the Don Mills Flyers.

Shane Wright Family
A rare photo of Shane and his parents receiving an award from Kingston Frontenacs’ Director of Player Personnel, Alan Millar (far left).

Hence, Shane and his dad, Simon, moved to Vaughan, a suburb north of Toronto. Since Simon worked from home, he stayed with the young athlete on the weekdays.

On the weekend, he would return to Burlington to see his wife and daughter who didn’t move with the rest of the family because of Tanya’s work.

Shane Wright Ethnicity:

It is quite interesting that Wright will soon be joining the percentage of NHL players who are Canadian.

Of course, his exceptionalism will go a long way to equip the arsenal of his national team when the time comes. Apparently, Wright was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario.

Hence, we consider the city to be his hometown. As a result, the ice hockey centre has a Canadian ethnic origin.

Do you know?… Shane Wright’s hometown (Burlington) is home to over 180,000 people. It is known for its community feel, low crime rates, and great employment opportunities.

Shane Wright Father – Simon Wright:

It is the duty of every father to protect and provide for their home, and Simon Wright is no exception to these duties. If there is anyone who has spearheaded the young lad’s career growth, it would be his dad and mom.

Simon Wright had always been an athlete himself right from his childhood days. Unlike his son, he was more drawn to playing soccer than anything else.

Back in the day, Shane’s father took football seriously. He played on his high school team and made a name for himself in college football.

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Yes, Simon Wright played college football at the University of Guelph for five years. Sadly, he never made it to the professional leagues.

Seeing that ice hockey is the most popular and revered game in Canada, Simon devised a plan to have his son play in the NHL.

As a father, Simon always helped his son keep fit for his next game. He would prepare five eggs and English muffins for his boy in the morning.

Afterwards, he would make chicken and rice burrito for dinner. He is certainly the kind of dad that inspires his son to succeed without making excuses.

Shane Wright Mother – Tanya Wright:

The iconic athlete’s mom, Tanya Wright, is a high school math and science teacher in Oakville. As a teacher, Wright’s mother ensures he takes his studies seriously.

On the other hand, Tanya always encourages her boy not to lose sight of his aspirations as he worked hard on his endeavours.

She is as determined as his dad to see him skate on the rink as an NHL player in the nearest future. Shane’s mom knows that her son has all it takes to become a young star.

But she and the rest of the family have to prepare for the transition that will hit them when Shane gets into the professional league.

Of course, he is a smart and talented kid who will probably be the first overall pick in the 2022 Draft, like Owen Power.

This means that his mom and dad will have to prepare for many long trips or weeks of staying apart from their beloved son.

Tanya is quite strong-willed. Her desire for Shane’s success has seen her lived away from her husband for many months.

However, she will find it difficult to process when her boy finally signs a professional contract that will keep him away from home for many months despite his young age.

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Shane Wright Sister – Maddie Wright:

As the last-born child of his family, Shane has always been treated with so much love by his older sister, Maddie Wright. She is three years older than him.

But the two siblings grew up competing against each other. In their childhood days, Maddie started learning how to ride a two-wheeler earlier than her younger brother.

But Shane stepped in and perfected his riding skills almost immediately, even before his sister and the other kids could master the act.

Do you know?… Shane Wright’s sister is also a talented athlete. Just like her father, Maddie loved playing soccer. She wanted to become a pro and took the game seriously in high school.

Soon, Maddie will also be leaving home to further her studies at the University of Waterloo. It’s quite clear that she will be playing varsity soccer like her dad (Simon) when she gets to school.

Shane Wright Girlfriend:

The athlete’s cute looks and exceptional talent make him one of the most exciting youngsters to watch.  Yes, Shane’s physique has captured the attention of many pretty damsels who wish to be his girlfriend.

But as we all know, only one lady can travail and have a special place in Shane’s heart. Nonetheless, he isn’t concerned about relationship matters at the moment.

Moreso, Shane is currently enjoying his career life in the Ontario Hockey League, as you can see in his stats. Like Matty Beniers, he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the time of compiling this Biography.

Quick Facts About Shane Wright:

Full Name:Shane Wright
Date of Birth:5th of January 2004
Place of Birth:Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Father:Simon Wright
Mother:Tanya Wright
Sister:Maddie Wright
Ethnicity:Canadian Family Roots
Height:6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Weight:187 lb (85 kg; 13 st 5 lb)