Randy Arozarena Facts, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth And Career Life

Randy Arozarena Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Randy Arozarena. Our article covers his Biography, Family Facts, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Awards and other intriguing Facts.

Randy Arozarena Gonzalez is a Cuban professional baseball outfielder who plays for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball (MLB).

To help you know more about the Outfielder, here are 10 Facts about Randy Arozarena that would enlighten you.

10 Facts About Randy Arozarena:

1. Randy Arozarena Bio:

Randy Arozarena Gonzalez was born on the 28th of February 1995 to his father, Jesús Arozarena and mother, Sandra Gonzalez, in Arroyos De Mantua, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.

The Outfielder is the first child of three children born to his parents. As a little boy, Arozarena enjoyed playing football, which he considers his first love. He was also fond of dancing on the streets with his younger brothers and friends.

Randy Arozarena childhood

Arozarena had to give up football (which is the second most popular sport in his country) to delve into baseball – the number ranking game in Cuba. That became the humble beginning of his journey to stardom.

2. Randy Arozarena Ethnicity:

His career journey has affiliated him with different places like Mexico and the United States. However, Arozarena is a national of Cuba and a native of Arroyos de Mantua, which is a small town on the northwestern coast of Cuba.

Sadly, there has been no concise piece of information published about his family heritage at the time of compiling these facts about him.

3. Randy Arozarena Career Life:

The outfielder's early career life

The athlete’s professional career started in 2014 at Vegueros de Pinar del Río. Back then, he was considered one of the elite players of the Cuban National Series.

Sadly, Arozarena was not treated like other professionals, as he was paid a token of $4 per month. Notwithstanding, he didn’t complain about his remuneration and continued to impress his father and spectators in the game.

He was so talented in playing baseball that fans gave him the nickname El Cohete Cubano (The Cuban Rocket). Although his team increased his salary to $30 per month, Arozarena’s life was about to take an irreversible change in the ensuing years.

The Tragedy That Led To An Urgent Decision:

In 2014, Arozarena lost his father to the cold hands of death following an allergic reaction to shellfish. The death of his dad broke him to the point that he became less effective in his team.

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To make matters worst, Pinar del Río left him off the club’s roster for the Caribbean Series in 2015. Feeling so alienated from his team and realising that he needed to provide for his mother and two younger brothers, Arozarena sought a greener pasture.

He took an eight-hour boat ride en route to Isla Mujeres in June 2015. Upon his arrival in Mexico, the athlete knew nobody and had no one to lean on.

Thankfully, he got connected with Guillermo Armenta (an MLB scout) who oversaw his development with the Toros de Tijuana of the Mexican Baseball League.

The outfielder's gradual rise to fame

The Biggest Career Breakthrough:

Gradually, Arozarena rose through the ranks of Toros de Tijuana by sharing batting gloves and cleats with other players. As destiny would have it, his sportsmanship suddenly attracted applaud from different scouts.

In the end, St. Louis Cardinals signed him for a contract of $1.25 million in 2016. Thanks to his new deal, the outfielder could take care of his mother and brothers without a problem.

The MLB player professional career

His days with the Cardinals saw him make his MLB debut in August 2019. The following year, Arozarena was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays where he set the MLB record for most home runs in a single postseason. We hope he gets to break as many records as Albert Pujols as he advances his career expedition.

4. Randy Arozarena Net Worth:

It is quite unbelievable how his earning have skyrocketed from $4 to hundreds of dollars. The year 2021 has seen him receive an estimated annual salary of $581,200.

Analysis shows that an average Cuban citizen would have to work for about 4 and a half years to make what Arozarena receives in a month.

Judging by his base salary at the time of compiling these facts about him, we have estimated Randy Arozarena’s Net Worth to be $1 million.

5. Randy Arozarena Family:

Everybody has got a story to tell as regards their family bond. It is quite sad that the case of the outfielder comprises some tragic backstory. However, he is happy that his brothers and mother (pictured below) are still alive to enjoy the product of his success.

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Randy Arozarena family

Randy Arozarena Father:

Just as we earlier mentioned, his father is Jesus Arozarena died unexpectedly of an allergic reaction to shellfish. Of course, it is quite sad that his dad did not get to witness how his rise to stardom completely unfolded.

As expected, Arozarena broke down following the news of his father’s death and couldn’t even focus on his baseball endeavours in Cuba.

It was the demise of his father that prompted him to take up his journey to Mexico to become a better man. No doubt, his sad experience and drive to support his family has made him into the man he is today.

Randy Arozarena Mother:

When one of his parents left the world unexpectedly, he only had his mother to rely upon afterwards. Her name is Sandra Gonzalez, and she has played an important role as an adviser for her son.

Randy Arozarena mom

Arozarena’s mom always travels with him around the world to watch his match and cheer on him from the sidelines. It’s all thanks to her that the outfielder withstood the challenges of life to become the better man he is today.

Randy Arozarena Siblings:

The outfielder has two brothers, namely, Raiko and Ronny Arozarena. Interestingly, his immediate younger sibling, Raiko plays football as a goalkeeper for Tampa Bay Rowdies in the USL Championship.

The athlete's footballing brother

On the other hand, his youngest brother, Ronny, is not a sports person like the rest of the family. According to the baseball prodigy, their mother has always wanted a girl, but she ended up having three sons.

It would be good if the three Arozarena brothers ended up playing different sports in the same city as Randy and Raiko are doing at the moment.

6. Height and Weight:

Moving on to his physique, Arozarena is a handsome man that has an athletic built with a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) and a weight of 77 kg (185 lbs).

7. Randy Arozarena Girlfriend/Wife:

Arozarena has been involved in about two relationships that we know of. Foremost, he lived with his first girlfriend for quite some time at a home in the west of the Yucatecan capital. Their relationship gave rise to the birth of a daughter in 2018.

Randy Arozarena daughter

However, he was accused of mistreating his former partner, which led to their inevitable separation. Sadly, the outfielder lost the custody of his daughter to her mom.

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In November 2020, Arozarena was arrested in Mexico’s Yucatan state after allegedly trying to kidnap his 2-year-old daughter from her mother. Also, he assaulted his former partner’s father during the incident.

He was later released two days after the arrest as the mother of his child did not press charges.

Randy Arozarena Wife – Cenelia Pinedo Blanco:

Randy Arozarena girlfriend

Of course, he had to move on with his life and deal with the reality that has unfolded over the years. It didn’t take so long before Arozarena met his beautiful Columbian girlfriend, Cenelia Pinedo Blanco.

He’s had quite a good life and a great dating experience with his newly found partner. As I compile these facts about him, Randy Arozarena has married his Colombian girlfriend at the Kantoyna Ranch, near Mérida. Of course, he is the perfect example that Kyle Lewis should follow when it comes to relationships.

Randy Arozarena wife

8. Randy Arozarena Tattoos:

Arozarena is a man that loves to wear his story on the pages of his skin. Of course, he is cool with body art and considers it a pleasant way of storing intriguing memories. As I compile these facts about him, he has inked some tattoos on his two hands.

Randy Arozarena tattoo

9. Randy Arozarena Lifestyle:

The MLB player enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle which is noticeable by flashy cars and beautiful houses. Behold a glimpse of his top-notch lifestyle in the picture below.

randy Arozarena car

10. Awards and Career Highlights:

Since he joined the MLB in 2016, Arozarena has worked so hard to establish himself as a talented outfielder. His career life had a blast in 2020 as he won about two significant awards in that year. Listed below are the accolades he has received thus far:

  • ALCS MVP (2020)
  • Babe Ruth Award (2020)

The Outfielder award

Quick Facts About Randy Arozarena

Full Name:Randy Arozarena Gonzalez
Nickname:The Cuban Rocket
Date of Birth:28th of February 1995
Place of Birth:Arroyos De Mantua, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba
Father:Jesus Arozarena
Mother:Sandra Gonzalez
Siblings:Raiko and Ronny Arozarena (brothers)
Girlfriend/Wife:Canelia Pinedo
Net Worth:$1 million (2021 Stats)
Annual Salary:$581,200 (2021 Stats)
Weight:77 kg (185 lbs)
Height:5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m)