J. T. Realmuto Wife, Family And Interesting Facts You didn’t Know

J. T. Realmuto Facts

Jacob Tyler Realmuto is a professional American baseball catcher who features for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB). In this article, we shall unveil interesting facts about J. T. Realmuto Wife, Family, Height, Age and lots more.

Is J. T. Realmuto Married?

For the records, the catcher is not single at the time of compiling these facts. Apparently, he has been involved in a relationship with his girlfriend turned wife for a very long time.

Who Is J. T. Realmuto Wife?

Alexis T. Realmuto is J. T. Realmuto’s wife. She is the woman who makes him smile uncontrollably. Alexis Realmuto was born in October 1989. She became an Instagram influencer with the name Lexi Realmuto.

Occasionally, Realmuto’s wife modelled for Vintage stores in Florida’s St. Petersburg as well as danced for the Dallas Cowboys.

Interestingly, Lexi fell in with the catcher while he was still a rookie in the MLB. The love birds dated for a long time as boyfriend and girlfriend. However, they soon realised that what they felt for each other was genuine.

Hence, Realmuto and Alexis decided to take their relationship to the next level. On the 4th day of November 2017, the love birds tied the knot as husband and wife. It was a beautiful day in the life of the MLB star as he got to marry the love of his life.

J. T. Realmuto Wife

Realmuto is always happy to show his wife to the world. On several occasions, he will take her on dates to enjoy the moment with her.

Below is a picture of one of the catcher’s vacations with his partner. Can you see the smile on his face as he and his wife, Alexis Realmuto, enjoy a couple’s day out in Denver, Colorado?

The catcher's vacation with his wife

J. T. Realmuto Children:

The wedding of Realmuto and Alexis (his wife) were blessed with two wonderful. He and his family welcomed his first-born child into the world on the 10th day of July 2018.

Realmuto felt an overwhelming joy of fatherhood as he held his adorable daughter in his hands. He and his wife named her Gracie Laine Realmuto.

The following year, Realmuto Family was yet again blessed with the gift of another daughter. She was born on the 11th day of July 2019 and was given the name Willa Mae Realmuto.

Out of joy, the baseball player has often posted pictures of his daughters on his Instagram page. Indeed, he and his wife (Alexis T. Realmuto) consider themselves the happiest parents to be blessed with such beautiful children.

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J. T. Realmuto Children

More Facts About J. T. Realmuto’s Wife – Alexis T. Realmuto:

Interestingly, Alexis has extended her dressing sense acquired during her modelling career to her home. She has often dressed her children in a beautiful sense of fashion.

Nothing beats the sensation of completely nailing the right style of dressing with her children. Certainly, their appearance in the picture below is quite captivating that you probably can’t stop looking at them.

J. T. Realmuto's Wife and children

J. T. Realmuto Family:

The baseball catcher was born in a home that has a track record for raising talented athletes. As the youngest of three children, Realmuto became got to learn a lot from every member of his family.

Thanks to his father and sister, he didn’t have to struggle so much before understanding the game of softball. As a young lad, Realmuto took sports seriously and worked hard to make his family proud.

No doubt, every member of his household has, in one way or another, influenced his success story in baseball. Certainly, his family is proud of his career achievement. Realmuto also had an uncle who was a 2-time Olympic gold medal wrestler.

His name is John Smith, and he became a wrestling coach after retiring from his career endeavour. While searching about J. T. Realmuto’s Family, we discovered that he has three other uncles who were NCAA wrestling champions.

This shows that the catcher has a lot of athletic attributes running through ancestry. Perhaps his heritage is the reason he is graced with so much sporting prowess that has earned him fame in the baseball world.

J. T. Realmuto Father – David Realmuto:

The talented MLB star is the son of David Realmuto. Interestingly, his father played college baseball while studying at Southwest Missouri State University.

Nonetheless, he never made it to the major League. However, he worked so hard as a blue-collar worker to support his family. It was David Realmuto’s dream to see his children excel in sports since he failed to do so himself.

Hence, he spent most of his time coaching his two daughters in softball. Besides sports, Realmuto’s dad was a caring father who considers his children’s future as his number one priority.

He constantly advised them about taking their aspirations seriously and working hard to achieve their dreams. Indeed, Realmuto will always have the words of his father imprinted on the pages of his heart.

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J.T. Realmuto Mother – Margaret Realmuto:

J.T. Realmuto Mother - Margaret Realmuto

As a little boy, the catcher got to spend a lot of time with his mother, Margaret Realmuto. While his father devoted his time to coaching his sisters, Realmuto had to stay with his mother all day long.

She always told him fascinating stories and dragged him to the ballpark in Little League. Each passing day, Realmuto’s bond with his mother grew stronger and stronger.

It got to the level that his mom became his most trusted confidant. He could talk to her about anything concerning his life.

Going forward, Margaret Realmuto made sure her boy didn’t feel lonely at any point in his life. As a caring mother, she often accompanied him to the pitch whenever he has a game.

J.T. Realmuto Siblings:

The talented MLB star has two older sisters, namely Ryan McMullen and Amanda. Ryan and Amanda played college softball for Oklahoma State and Northwestern State, respectively.

They featured as their team’s catcher and trained so hard with their father to become the best in their respective team.

Realmuto confesses that his older sister, Ryan, played a huge role in his career development. She was constantly advising him on building up a strategy that would make him invincible in the game.

The catcher's sister

Before he became a revered icon in the MLB, Realmuto often tagged along with his sister, McMullen, to watch her games at Oklahoma State.

Interestingly, McMullen Realmuto made 4 All-Big 12 teams with the Cowgirls from 2000 to 2003. Afterwards, she became a 2-time All-Star within three seasons in the National Pro Fastpitch.

How Old Is J. T. Realmuto?

J. T. Realmuto was born on the 18th day of March 1991 in Del City, Oklahoma, to his father David Realmuto and mother, Margaret Realmuto. The catcher is 30 years old at the time of compiling these facts about him.

How Tall Is J. T. Realmuto?

Realmuto’s height is almost equivalent to the average height of an MLB player. He is about 1.85 m tall, which, when measured in feet, will be equal to 6 feet and 1 inch.

Aside from his height, J. T. Realmuto has also got a weight of 96kg, which is equivalent to 212lbs in tone.

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J. T. Realmuto Net Worth And Salary:

Many coaches, analysts and players believed Realmuto is arguably the best catcher in the baseball world. As a world-class player, he signed a 5 years contract worth $115.5 million with Philadelphia Phillies in January 2021.

His contract fee became the largest for a catcher in the history of the MLB. Apparently, J. T. Realmuto is set to earn an average annual Salary of $23.1 Million.

After analysing his most recent contract (in 2021) we have estimated J. T. Realmuto’s Net Worth to be about $15 million.

If he continues to receive his base salary as time goes on, there is a huge chance that he will see his Net Worth skyrocket before he even retires. We hope young players like Kumar Rocker and Jack Leiter get to attain the height of financial success that Realmuto has gained in his career.

J.T. Realmuto Facts:

1. J. T. Realmuto Injury:

Sadly, on the 29th day of April 2021, J. T. Realmuto suffered from a bone injury in his left hand. This made him missed 4 straight games immediately after the incident.

Hence, his team (the Philadelphia Phillies) had no option than to place Realmuto on the injured list hoping he would heal on time to play against Boston in the series opener.

After completing his injured list tenure on the 29th day of May 2021, he was reinstated to continue playing for his team.

2. J. T. Realmuto Multi-Faceted Talent In Sports:

The catcher was a multi-sport athlete right from his childhood days. He started playing baseball at the age of 5. By the time he clocked 6, Realmuto had delved into wrestling.

J. T. Realmuto Childhood

His growing up days were filled with so many expeditions as he began playing basketball in fourth grade. He briefly played gridiron football as well as tennis in middle school. Indeed, Realmuto is an embodiment of a talented sportsman.

Quick Facts About J. T. Realmuto

Full Name:Jacob Tyler Realmuto
Nickname:J. T. Realmuto
Date of Birth:18th of March 1991
Place of Birth:Del City, Oklahoma
Father:David Realmuto
Mother:Margaret Realmuto
Siblings:Ryan McMullen and Amanda (sisters)
Wife:Alexis T. Realmuto
Children:Gracie Laine and Willa Mae Realmuto
Net Worth:$15 million (2021 Stats)
Average Annual Salary:$23.1 Million (2021 Stats)
Weight:96kg (212lbs)
Height:1.85 m (6 feet and 1 inch)