Trevor Lawrence Biography And Career Life

Sportblis presents you with the Biography and Career Life of Trevor Lawrence, an American football quarterback. Interestingly, Trevor Lawrence turned out to be one of the most rated high school quarterback prospects of all time. Indeed, his prolific talent has led him into accomplishing a lot of success in the NFL.


Name:Trevor Lawrence
Nick Name:Sunshine
Date of Birth:6th October 1999
Place Of Birth:Knoxville, Tennessee
Father:Jeremy Lawrence
Mother:Amanda Lawrence
Siblings:Chase Lawrence (brother)
Olivia Lawrence (sister)
Girlfriend/Spouse:Marissa Mowry
Net Worth:$2 million
Lookalike:Bella Martina

Trevor Lawrence Biography:

Trevor Lawrence was born on the 6th day of October 1999 to his father, Jeremy Lawrence and mother, Amanda Lawrence in Knoxville, Tennessee. He spent part of his childhood days at Tennessee before enrolling to study at Cartersville High School in Cartersville, Georgia.

Right from his early days, Lawrence showed great interest in playing football and basketball. Of course, he delved into both games while studying in school. Back then, the young lad displayed a great deal of talent in football. Do you know?… Trevor Lawrence completed 250 of 406 passes for 51 touchdowns and 3,904 yards in his junior year in 2016. As a result of such splendid accomplishment, he was named The Atlanta Journal-Constitution player of the year.

High School Career:

In his sophomore year with the purple Hurricanes (Cartersville High School football team), Trevor Lawrence completed 43 touchdowns for 3,655 yards. His contribution to the team saw them into winning four regional titles and two state championships. Also, his unmatched performance earned him numerous high school player of the year honours.

College Career:

In December 2016, Trevor committed to play college football for the Clemson University. However, he started his freshman season with Clemson in 2018. Interestingly, Lawrence was given an equal playing time with Kelly Bryant upon his arrival to the Clemson. After performing excellently in four games, Dabo Swinney named Lawrence as the team’s new starter. Hence, the decision led Bryant into transferring from the University.

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Yet again, Lawrence led the Clemson Tigers into an undefeated season. Hence, his college team gained the bid to partake in the College Football Playoff. Unfortunately, the American player lost the Heisman trophy race in 2019 after exhibiting a bit of an inconsistent performance at the early part of the season.

Trevor Lawrence Family:

Trevor Lawrence Family

The entire household of Trevor Lawrence comprises his Father, mother, elder brother and a younger sister. Early on, Trevor’s Family had lived in Tennessee before moving to Cartersville, Georgia. Now, let’s tell you more about each member of his family.

Trevor Lawrence Father:

One of the major contributors to Trevor Lawrence’s career life is his dad, Jeremy Lawrence. When the talented Quarterback was only 3, he usually seats on his father’s lap to watch SEC football. As he grew older, his dad took him to Neyland Stadium to watch the Vols in person.

Trevor Lawrence Dad

Hence, the young lad developed an interest in the game and practised how to toss footballs at the back of his house. Consequently, his parents hired a Quarterback trainer (Ron Veal) to work with him as he harnesses his skills during the offseason in eight grade. Lawrence’s father works at Gerdau, a steel company as the safety and environmental manager.

Trevor Lawrence Mother:

Amanda Lawrence has always been a good mother to both her youngest son, Trevor, and his two other siblings. Truth be told, Lawrence’s mom puts all her efforts into raising her three children into reliable and insanely talented personalities.

Trevor Lawrence mom

Do you know… Trevor Lawrence’s mother works at the Harbin Clinic Ear, Nose and Throat as a nurse. She has always encouraged him to prepare himself for greatness, even before his rise to fame. Read below, what she once told her son;

“You’ve got to know who you are. Even if you did not have all these people telling you how great you are, you have got to still know that you’re still worthy. You are worth somebody and you are a child of God.”

Trevor Lawrence Siblings:

Trevor Lawrence Siblings

Chase Lawrence, who is five years older than Trevor Lawrence, has worked his way into becoming an accomplished artist. As the eldest brother of the American quarterback, Chase has ensured he supports Trevor in his career pursuits. Hence, he makes effort to be present at the stadium each time Trevors team is up for a challenge.

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Furthermore, the adorable younger sister of Trevor Lawrence is not left out of the list of Amanda’s exceptional kids. Guess what?… Olivia Lawrence is eleven years younger than Trevor Lawrence. Moreso, she mostly stays glued to him each time he is not engaged in his career endeavours. By the time she clocked 8, her father described as a professional slime maker.

Trevor Lawrence Girlfriend:

We all know that a man has to find love at some point in his life and Lawrence has found the right girl. What’s more?… Trevor and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry started a serious relationship in 2016. Their love story transcends what is obtainable in the soap operas. No wonder the quarterback always posts their pictures on his Instagram page. That being said, Lawrence got engaged to his girlfriend, Marissa Mowry, in July 2020.

Trevor Lawrence girlfriend

Trevor Lawrence Net Worth:

As of the year 2020, Trevor Lawrence Net Worth was estimated to be a whopping sum of $2 million. Of course, there is a greater prospect that his earnings are set to increase as he advances in his career endeavours.

Trevor Lawrence Awards and Honours:

First-team All-ACC 2019
ACC Champion (twice) 2018, 2019
CFP National Champion 2018
CFP National Championship Offensive MVP 2018
ACC Football Rookie of the Year 2018
Second-team All-ACC 2018
Archie Griffin Award 2018
Hall Trophy2017
USA Today High School Football Player of the Year 2017
USA Today High School All-American 2017

Trevor Lawrence Religion:

Living in a free world where everyone is free to choose who to worship and what religion to follow, Lawrence has chosen to follow Jesus. Hence, he and his girlfriend, Marissa, are both Christian. The picture below shows one of their visit to Passion City Church in Atlanta.

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Trevor Lawrence Religion

Do you know?… Trevor Lawrence and his family have been devout members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cartersville, Georgia since 2004.

Trevor Lawrence Facts:

1. The American player broke the Georgia State record for passing touchdowns and passing yards in 2017. The record was previously held by Deshaun Watson.

2. Lawrence was a 5-star recruit that was referred to as “once in a generation” kind of player by some experts. Also, many professional bodies rated him as one of the greatest high school quarterback prospects of all time.

3. During his high school career, he led the purple Hurricanes to 41 straight victories, a feat which established him as a rare talent.

4. While showcasing an unmatched performance in his college career, Lawrence became the first true freshman quarterback since Jamelle Holieway in 1985 to start for a national champion.

5. He won the Archie Griffin Award, the ACC Rookie of the Year honours, and the National Freshman of the year honours in 2018.

6. Unfortunately, Lawrence lost his first career game in the CFP Championship when his team competed against LSU in 2019.

7. Trevor Lawrence lookalike, Bella Martina, is not in any way related to him.


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