What is a Quarterback in Football? (Their Roles in Football Explained)

What is a Quarterback in Football

The quarterback makes up one of the eleven offensive players in American Football. During games, the quarterback is primarily a passer, but he can also hand the ball off to a running back on running plays or run the ball himself.

What is the Role of a Quarterback in Football?

In college football, Canadian football, and the NFL, the quarterback is the offensive coordinator. They’re the ones who listen to the offensive coordinator’s play call on their radio helmet and communicate it to their teammates in the huddle.

Not only that, but the quarterback must fully comprehend each play, which necessitates learning the playbook throughout practice prior to each game.

The quarterback surveys the defense before taking the snap from the center to start the offensive. The QB will call an audible if he sees a mismatch where the defense can stop the offensive play from gaining positive yards.

When a play (offensive or defensive) shifts to a different play formation at the last second, it is called an audible.

As the ball is snapped from the center to the quarterback, he must pass it, hand it off, or even run with it. To get positive yards on the play, the QB must ensure that the ball gets to an eligible receiver.

He must hand the ball over during a running play with a halfback. Moreso, the QB must ensure that he doesn’t get hurt while running.

What is the Function of the Backup Quarterback?

The key tasks of a backup quarterback are as follows. First, they go through the same drills as the quarterback in practice to learn the playbook and be ready to replace him if something goes wrong during a game.

For example, if the starting quarterback is injured during a game, the backup quarterback must step in and carry on the starting quarterback’s strategy.

Second, backup quarterbacks are usually monitoring the game in real-time to see what the starting quarterback is doing. When the offense is on the bench, the backup quarterback may sit with the primary quarterback.

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Having the quarterback review the replay film with the backup quarterback can reveal a play’s mistake or show how they could be productive on a certain pass.

Because the backup quarterback is observing the quarterback and providing quick input during the game, there is a lot of communication between the two players.

Third, backup quarterbacks are frequently used on special teams to attempt field goals. They catch the ball from the long snapper and must then place it on the ground for the kicker to kick.

On a field goal attempt, they are used as the holder because they can pass on a trick play, which means the holder now serves as the quarterback and can pass the ball.

Can the Quarterback Hear the Offensive Plays?

Yes, a quarterback’s helmet contains a radio that allows him to hear the offensive play from his offensive coordinator. The radio, on the other hand, becomes silent when the team has 15 seconds or less before snapping the ball.

If the quarterback was unable to hear the play or needed to make a last-second alteration to the offensive play, they will call an audible.

What Qualifies a Quarterback for a Football Team?

A competent quarterback in high school, college, or the NFL must possess a number of characteristics. First and foremost, the quarterback must be a leader who can command the respect of his or her teammates. The players must have faith in the QB’s play calling.

Second, a quarterback must read the defensive players’ actions and, if necessary, use an audible to counter their defense. When the head coach calls a running play, the quarterback watches the defenders’ blitz as they line up on the line of scrimmage.

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To counter the blitz, the quarterback can immediately call an audible for a screen throw to a receiver.

Third, a quarterback must be precise with his passes to eligible receivers. In 2020, Aaron Rodgers, for example, topped the league with a 70.7 percent pass completion percentage and 48 touchdown passes.

Drew Lock, on the other hand, topped the league with 15 interceptions and a 57.3 percent pass completion rate in 2020. Throwing the ball to receivers improperly can lead to more interceptions, lowering the NFL team’s chances of winning the game.

Finally, a quarterback must be psychologically and physically tough. Even though this football position isn’t touched as frequently as a running back, they can still be knocked down by defensive back passes.

To absorb a hit and recover from being hit to the ground several times during a game, a strong quarterback must be emotionally and physically robust.

What is the Passer Rating of a Quarterback?

The QB Passer Rating is a metric that assesses a quarterback’s effectiveness during passing plays in a game.

The total throwing attempts, completions, yards, and interceptions are all factored into the algorithm, with 0 being the lowest and 158.3 being the highest.

The metric system used in college football is slightly different, ranging from -731.6 to 126.6.

Which Quarterback has the most Career Passing Touchdowns in the NFL?

With 611 passing touchdowns as of December 2021, Tom Brady holds the record for most passing touchdowns in a career. Drew Brees is in second place with 571 yards.

Peyton Manning is in the third position with 539 points, and Brett Favre is in fourth place with 508 points.

Which Quarterback has the most Career Rushing Touchdowns in the NFL?

Cam Newton has the most rushing touchdowns in his career, with 73 as of December 2021. Steve Young has the second-most rushing touchdowns as a quarterback, with 43. After then, Jack Kemp’s career totalled 37.

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Who has the most Super Bowl Victories Among Quarterbacks?

With six Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady has the most in his career. The quarterbacks with the most rings in their careers are listed below.

Tom Brady has won seven Super Bowl rings.
Joe Montana has won four Super Bowl rings.
Terry Bradshaw is a four-time Super Bowl champion.
Troy Aikman has won three Super Bowl rings.
Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings to his name.

What is the Typical Height and Weight of a Quarterback?

An NFL quarterback’s average height and weight, according to Uidaho.edu, is 75.43 inches (6 feet 3 inches) and 224.97 pounds. With 76.54 inches in height, a Tight End is similar to a quarterback but is much heavier at 254.26 pounds.

Are there any quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame of the National Football League?

As of December 2021, there are 26 quarterbacks in the NFL Hall of Fame. Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, and Kurt Warner are among the most well-known players.

EndNote: What is a Quarterback in Football?

In conclusion, the quarterback is one of the most crucial offensive players on the field. The quarterback must be in sync with their head coach and run the offense in the manner that they desire for that particular game.

The quarterback must not only be the team’s leader on the field, but he must also pass the ball accurately on every play and provide his offense the best chance to score with last-second play calling.

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