Anthony Richardson Family – Mother, Father, Brothers And Girlfriend

Anthony Richardson Family – Mother, Father, Brothers And Girlfriend

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Anthony Richardson Mother (LaShawnda Lane), Father (Willie Richardson), Brother (Corey Carter), Girlfriend, and much more.

Anthony Dashawn Richardson is an American football quarterback who played college football for the Florida Gators. He was born on the 22nd of May 2001 to his mother, LaShawnda Lane, and father, Willie Richardson, in Miami, Florida.

The talented athlete was one of the two kids born to his parents. Sadly, he was forced to mature a little faster as he grew up with his little brother and single mother.

Richardson often pedaled his black mountain bike with his younger brother, Corey, sitting atop the handlebars around his hometown (Gainesville). It was his duty to ensure that Corey got to school and returned home safely.

Unlike many kids his age, the young lad had to bear many responsibilities due to the absence of his father. Apparently, his single mom juggled multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Due to the burden he shouldered, Richardson became introverted. His actions and behavior were way over his age. He also dedicated himself to keeping his kid brother safe. This act of filial responsibility led him to showing up late for practice.

Back in his childhood days, Richardson and his family often moved from one apartment to another every year in Miami. By the time he turned 10, his household moved to Gainesville, where they eventually found stability.

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High School and College Career:

High School and College Career

The youngster began his football expedition at Eastside High School in Gainesville, Florida. He was an excellent athlete with great leadership skills. Before football, he had also tried his hand at basketball.

During that period in high school, the youngster prioritized sports over academics. As a result, he performed poorly in his studies and got a GPA of 1.8 in eighth grade.

Due to this poor result, he wasn’t allowed to play basketball but was advised to focus on his studies. On this note, Richardson studied very hard and never wrote less than a 3.0 GPA ever again.

He let go of basketball and dedicated his sportsmanship to football. Throughout his high school career, the quarterback recorded 1,633 rushing yards and 41 touchdowns, as well as 4,633 passing yards with 37 passing touchdowns.

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After high school, Richardson committed to play college football at the University of Florida. He made only four games appearance in his first year at Florida in 2020.

The following year, Richardson played as a backup quarterback to Emory Jones. He earned more playing time and performed excellently for his team. Check out his career and personal life pictures on his Instagram account.

Anthony Richardson Family & Ethnicity:

Looking back at his childhood, the QB can attest to the fact that he was raised in love. Apparently, the bedrock of his football expedition began when his uncle, Jobbin Tanka Lane, taught him how to throw a ball at the age of 3.

Indeed, his family has been instrumental in his journey so far. Hence, we shall discuss every member of his household that has been a part of his life since he was born to date.

Before that, it is important to note that Anthony Richardson’s ethnicity is of American-African descent. His heritage can be easily predicted by anyone when they look at his physique.

Anthony Richardson Family
Anthony Richardson with his brother, mother, and biological father.

Anthony Richardson Father – Willie Richardson:

Following his ever-growing popularity, there has been a consistent inquiry about the player’s dad. Sadly, Richardson has maintained a passive response to most of these inquisitions.

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Truth is, his parents separated when he was still very young. Hence, his uncle, Jobbin Tanka Lane, came into the picture of his life and assumed the role of a father in his childhood.

Guess what!… The talented athlete was introduced to football by his uncle, Tanka Lane, who was a former football player. Thanks to his background in sports, Tanka Lane taught his young nephew how to throw a ball.

On many occasions, Lane also took the young Richardson to his practices and games, back in the good old days.

Life seemed to be playing out unfairly to the quarterback who eventually lost the only father figure he had when he was in sixth grade. of course, it was a very devastating experience that he had to deal with despite being very young.

Anthony Richardson’s Mother – LaShawnda Lane:

There is no denying the fact that Anthony Richardson’s mother has done so well to singlehandedly raise him and his brother. Her name is LaShawnda Lane and she grew up in Miami.

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During her quest in search of a better life, LaShawnda moved with her sons to Gainesville where she found affordable housing and a job.

She had the help of Jobbin Tanka Lane, who played the role of Richardson’s dad while he was alive. Tanka Lane asked Richardson’s mom to worry and take care of their schoolwork while he handles their athletic endeavors.

Of course, LaShawnda took her duty seriously which saw her raising her kids into responsible and educated young men.

Anthony Richardson's Mother - LaShawnda Lane
Anthony Richardson and his Mother, LaShawnda Lane.

Richardson’s mom also attends his games to cheer on his performance. If there is anyone who believed the most in his potential, it would be her. Nothing will grant her more joy than seeing her son succeed in the NFL.

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The bond that exists between Anthony Richardson and his mom is indeed unbreakable. The young lad was once asked what he would do for his mom with his first paycheck.

His response was that his mother doesn’t want him to do anything for her because it was her job as a mom to take care of him the way she did.

He further explained that he is definitely thankful for the unfathomable love he received from his caring parent (LaShawnda Lane).

While closing out his statement in the interview, Richardson said whatever his mom wants, he would get it for her. All she needed to do is to let him know and he will get it for her.

Anthony Richardson Stepfather – Ferrell Cleare:

After many years of living as a single mother, Richardson’s mom found love again as she began dating Ferrell Cleare. The love bird ended up tying the knot as husband and wife on the 19th of June 2021, at C Bar Ranch and Organics.

Of course, every member of the Richardson family was happy that LaShawnda finally met a partner that would support her in the ensuing year of her life. It appears that Anthony is very close to his stepdad.

They usually enjoy holidays and festivals with dinners and gatherings. Below is a picture of Anthony Richardson’s mother and his stepfather.

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the quarterback's Stepfather - Ferrell Cleare

Anthony Richardson Brother – Corey Carter:

In the absence of their father, Richardson helped raise and care for his only sibling, Corey Carter. The two brothers were inseparable from their childhood days.

Of course, Richardson would dress up Corey and take him to school on his black little mountain bike daily. He also made sure his little brother took some snacks and food to school.

Anthony Richardson Brother - Corey Carter

People who knew them could attest to the fact that Richardson treated his little brother like he was his son. What’s more?… Corey Carter was born in Tennessee. He bears a different surname from his older brother.

The reasons behind their different surname remain unknown at the time of compiling this biography. Below is what Richardson said about his younger sibling:

“So, I love my brother like he’s my son. I love him and I just can’t wait for both of us to live out our dreams. I’m just glad that he’s a part of my life.”

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Anthony Richardson Girlfriend/Fiancee:

Anthony Richardson Girlfriend/Fiancee

Seeing the successful progression of his football career, Richardson has plunged into the spotlight of fame. As a result, fans have consistently sought to unravel many mysteries about his life in its entirety.

One of these biography inquiries is linked to his relationship status. For the record, Anthony Richardson has a pretty girlfriend whose name is Jada Richardson.

It’s quite a coincidence that he and his potential wife bears the same surname. The lovebirds have known each other since they were in high school.

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Their relationship has been a long-lasting one and resulted in the two of them getting engaged on the 26th of October 2020. Jada Richardson couldn’t wait to share the amazing story of her engagement with her friends.

Hence, she posted a photo of herself and her fiance in a car while showing off her engagement ring on her Facebook page.

Anthony Richardson Fiancee

Quick Facts About Anthony Richardson:

Full Name:Anthony Dashawn Richardson
Date of Birth:22nd of May 2001
Place of Birth:Miami, Florida
Father:Willie Richardson
Mother:LaShawnda Lane
Stepdad:Ferrell Cleare
Uncle:Jobbin Tanka Lane
Brother:Corey Carter
Girlfriend/Fiancee:Jada Richardson
High School:Eastside (Gainesville)‎
College:Florida (2020–2022)‎
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight:244 lb (111 kg)