Evan Mobley Family, Parents (Eric and Nicol Mobley), Brother, Girlfriend

Evan Mobley Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Evan Mobley. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents (Eric Mobley and Nicol Mobley), Siblings, and much more.

Evan Mobley is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. He was selected as the third overall pick of the 2021 NBA Draft behind Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green.

The power forward was born on the  18th day of June 2001 to his father, Eric Mobley and mother, Nicol Mobley, in San Diego, California. He is the youngest of two boys born of the union between his parents.

Evan Mobley was raised alongside his older brother, Isaiah Mobley, and three other foster siblings. Of course, his childhood days didn’t record any glimpse of loneliness.

Evan Mobley Family:

The talented NBA player hails from a household that’s got a track record in basketball. Yes, his father and brother are exceptional basketball players who have vast knowledge about the game.

Thanks to his family’s love for basketball, Mobley experienced little difficulty in getting to understand the rules of the game.

Evan Mobley Family

Moreso, his populated household often storms into the basketball arena to cheer on his performance since the beginning of his expedition. Of course, he counts himself fortunate to have such a loving family.

Evan Mobley is like Scottie Barnes, who is an American national with a mix of African ethnicity. His parents are both Americans. But their complexion shows that their family origin is strongly linked to Africa.

One interesting fact about Mobley’s family is their generosity to strangers. Thanks to their love-abiding nature, they accommodated three foster children while raising Evan and his brother, Isaiah.

Evan Mobley Father – Eric Mobley:

One of the key determinants of his career advancement is his dad, Eric Mobley. Back in the days, Eric played college basketball for Cal Poly Pomona and Portland.

He was absolutely good at the game and his profile was known around the world. Although Eric didn’t make it to the NBA like his son, he played professional basketball in China, Indonesia, Mexico, and Portugal.

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Evan Mobley Father

Following his retirement from basketball, Mobley’s father knew he had to invest his knowledge in budding athletes. Hence, he became a coach and managed the Amateur Athletic Union basketball for 11 years.

Eric Mobley was a great coach as well as an excellent father. He taught his sons so many things about the reality of life and the rigours that exist in the basketball world.

Being a dad also came with its own challenges. Sometimes Eric would have to strategise on how to resolve major arguments between his sons and, of course, he had the right formula.

Aside from drilling Evan and Isaiah at home, Eric also keeps a close eye on them in college. Yes, he was hired as an assistant basketball coach for USC.

Evan Mobley Mother – Nicol Mobley:

Nicol has always been moved to tears each time she sees her boys record success in the career expedition. She is the most devoted fan Mobley and his brother can ever get.

Mobley’s mother, Nicol, is an elementary school teacher. She’s got a lovable personality that has seemingly been passed down to her son.

Evan Mobley Mother

Do you know?… Nicol is also a talented athlete. Back in her early days, she played basketball for Mount Carmel High School in San Diego. Nicol Mobley was quite talented that she led her team to a state championship.

Fast forward to the present time, Mobley’s mom often tries to be present at some of his games. She enjoys watching him do the drill in the basketball arena.

Evan Mobley Brother – Isaiah Mobley:

The athlete and his older brother are each unique in their playing style. They have played against each other on numerous occasions since their childhood days.

Despite being a year older than Evan, Isaiah played on the same team with his brother in elementary school. Evan was able to keep up with the older kid because he was talented and had the same height as them.

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Moreso, he had received special lessons from his father and brother, which was enough to boost his confidence level. As a young player, Isaiah played aggressively, which got many parents upset.

Interestingly, Isaiah Mobley was a high school teammate of his younger brother. He also played college basketball for the USC Trojans.

Evan Mobley Brother

Evan Mobley Foster Siblings:

Just when Evan and his brother were quite little, their parents took in two foster children. Hence, Evan and Isaiah had to live with their new brother and sister.

The boys quickly got close to their foster siblings and had a happy childhood experience with them. By the time Evan was about 5 to 6 years old, his foster brother and sister left the family.

According to the NBA icon, he was too young to remember many things about his childhood experience with his siblings. But he disclosed that they still remain part of the family and he loves them dearly.

A few years later, his parents yet again took in a transfer Asian student named Johnny. At this time, Mobley and his brother were all grown up, so it was easy for them to comprehend the entire situation.

Johnny could speak English when he arrived at their home. However, he was a fast learner and grasp the basics of the English language in no distant time.

Of course, Mobley’s family treated Johnny with respect and loved him as one of their own. When it was time for him to return to his country, they lamented bitterly about his departure.

Johnny Liu is headed back to China. We are going to miss you immensely & all your funny jokes & gestures. Thanks for teaching us your culture & customs.

I hope you enjoyed eating our soul food & learning more about our culture. It’s been an awesome 3 years having you in our family.

Evan Mobley Girlfriend:

With his handsome appearance and nicely streamlined body physique, many of his fans would fall in love with him over and over again.

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But Mobley is like Isaac Okoro who is more focused on his career advancement than any relationship commitment at the moment.

Perhaps he needs to receive a few relationship tips from Jalen Suggs to help him find the love of his life. Evan Mobley has no girlfriend at the time of compiling this biography.

Evan Mobley Salary & Net Worth:


How much does he earn?

In August 2021, the basketball center signed a contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers that nets him an annual salary of $9.2 Million (€8 Million).

In our analysis of Evan Mobley’s salary, he will earn $25,112 (€21,958) per day and $1,046 (€915) per hour. Check out the table below to see more details about his earnings.

Per year $9,165,965 €8,014,835
Per month $763,830 €667,903
Per week $176,269 €154,131
Per day $25,112 €21,958
Per hour $1,046 €915
Per minute $17 €15
Per second $0.28 €0.25

Net Worth: $36.6 Million (€32 Million):

After being drafted as the third overall pick of the 2021 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mobley signed a 4-year deal that guarantees him $36,664,177 (€32,059,339) over the duration of his contract.

Subsequently, we will see his Networth skyrocket if he becomes an exceptional rookie in the game and gets a better contract offer.

Quick Facts About Evan Mobley:

Full Name:Evan Mobley
Date of Birth:18th of June 2001
Place of Birth:San Diego, California
Father:Eric Mobley
Mother:Nicol Mobley
Brothers:Isaiah Mobley (blood-related)
Johnny Liu (foster)
Ethnicity:Mixed (Afro-American)
Annual Salary:$9.2 Million Dollars (€8 Million)
Net Worth:$36.6 Million (€32 Million)
Listed Height:7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)
Listed Weight:215 lb (98 kg)