Haason Reddick Family – Parents, Brothers And Girlfriend

Haason Reddick Family – Parents, Brothers And Girlfriend

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Haason Reddick’s Father (Raymond Matthews), Mother (RaeLakia Reddick), Brothers (Camaj & Cinque Matthews), Girlfriend, and much more.

Haason Samir Reddick is an American football linebacker who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. He was born on the 22nd of September, 1994, to his parents Raymond Matthews and RaeLakia Reddick in Camden, New Jersey, U.S.

The linebacker is the only child born of the union between his dad and mom. Nonetheless, he has two younger brothers who were born from his father’s subsequent relationship.

Interestingly, Reddick spent part of his childhood with his mother in Camden. He had to study more and pay little attention to sports because his mom was quite focused on his academic performance.

Eventually, RaeLakia decided it was best for Reddick to move to his dad’s. Upon his arrival at Haddon Heights, New Jersey, the young lad was enrolled at Haddon Heights High School, where his football career began.

High School & College Football Career:

Haason Reddick showcased his skills as both a safety and running back for the Garnets high school football team. Unfortunately, his senior season was marked by a setback, as he played in only four games due to a fractured femur.

Undeterred by challenges, Reddick committed to play college football for Temple University in 2012. His freshman year saw him take on the roles of both running back and safety.

After redshirting the 2012 season, he made his mark in 2013. It took a few years to set his name on the pedestal of fame as he earned the prestigious title of First-team All-AAC in his senior year in 2016.

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Haason Reddick Professional Career:

Haason Reddick career life
Haason Reddick’s career life. Source: Instagram.

The turning point in Reddick’s professional journey came on November 14, 2016, when he accepted an invitation to play in the 2017 Senior Bowl. He was transformed into an inside linebacker for the game and left an indelible impression on many scouts.

His performance, especially on the 28th of January 2017 (where he recorded a game-high 9 tackles), propelled him from an obscure prospect to a top 20 contender in the draft. Reddick was selected by the Arizona Cardinals as the 13th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

This made him not only the first linebacker chosen in 2017 but also elevated him to the second-highest draft pick in Temple University’s history.

On the 8th of June 2017, Reddick signed a $13.4 million contract, including a $7.94 million signing bonus with the Cardinals. As expected, he became a backup linebacker for his team and had to fight for a spot in the starting lineups.

Despite initially serving as the backup, Reddick’s skill earned him significant playing time. His professional debut in the Cardinals’ season-opener saw him recording a season-high eight tackles.

As the season progressed, he faced challenges and triumphs, including his first career sack and ejection from a game. In 2018, he continued to make an impact, playing in 16 games with 12 starts and finishing third on the team with 80 tackles.

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Reddick’s Excellent NFL Performance:

The talented player became a free agent in 2021 when the Cardinals declined the fifth-year option on his contract. Hence, he made a significant move to the Carolina Panthers on a one-year contract.

In March 2022, Reddick committed to a 3-year contract worth $45 million with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was phenomenal in his team’s decisive 24–8 victory over the Washington Commanders in Week 3.

The linebacker’s stellar performance in the 2022 season continued to blossom. He even forced 2 sack-fumbles on Trevor Lawrence in the Eagles’ 29–21 win over the Jaguars, earning him the title of NFC Defensive Player of the Week.

During the 2022 NFC Championship Game, Reddick left an indelible mark on fans and pundits alike. He recorded 2 sacks and forced a crucial fumble by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy.

Sadly, the aftermath of the strip sack left Purdy with an injured throwing arm, significantly impacting the 49ers’ performance and contributing to their 31–7 loss to the Eagles.

The Eagles’ journey led them to Super Bowl LVII, where Reddick’s contributions continued. Despite being limited to one tackle, the Eagles fell short in a close 38–35 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Haason Reddick Family & Ethnicity:

We can not deny the fact that the linebacker is a true native of Camden. Apparently, he was born and raised there, and his maternal family never left that region.

For Reddick, home is more than a place; it’s a connection that never waned. Hence, he always longed to go back to his roots and celebrate each milestone he achieved in football.

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Of course, his family, friends, and people from his former neighborhood didn’t forget him either. They’ve always supported him from the beginning of his football expedition.

During Reddick’s visit to Camden, the people organised a massive celebration at City Hall to celebrate his triumph in professional football. Moving on to his ethnicity, the linebacker is of African-American heritage.

Haason Reddick Father – Raymond Matthews:

Haason Reddick parents
An epic moment with his dad and mom. 

The linebacker’s dad, Raymond Matthews, was an exceptional football player in his youth. He played as a wide receiver at University in Clarion, Pennsylvania.

Raymond was instrumental in introducing Reddick to the world of football from a young age. He had his son attend practices and games while providing the young lad with unwavering support.

Beyond football, Haason Reddick’s father took him to the boxing ring during his childhood. There, the young athlete found a passion for the sport.

Reddick was drawn to the sport’s individual nature, which made him contemplate a career in boxing. Besides, boxing allowed him to determine his success or failure independently.

The linebacker spent the earliest phase of his life with his mom, Raelakia. However, she prioritized providing him with opportunities beyond Camden as he entered high school.

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Hence, Reddick’s mom decided to have him live with his father, Raymond, in Haddon Heights. She desired that he grow up in a better academic environment and have a broader perspective on life.

Reddick’s Relationship with His Dad:

Moving to live with his father marked a significant turning point in Reddick’s life. The transition from Camden to Haddon Heights was not just about academics; it was a transformative experience that shaped his character.

Living with his dad, Reddick built a closer bond with him, experiencing a daily routine of workouts and learning valuable life lessons. The shift instilled in him a newfound drive and a solid foundation for navigating the challenges of life.

“My father, he taught me basically how to be a man, how to survive in this world. The city we come from, it’s hard to make it to 18. [He taught me] how to survive, how to handle myself in certain situations, things like that.”

Haason Reddick Mother – RaeLakia Reddick:

The linebacker’s mom, RaeLakia Reddick, is a native of Camden. She is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson and still works in the city in early childhood education, but lives in Mount Laurel.

Do you know?… Haason Reddick’s mother had him when she was a young nursing student. From the moment her son was born, RaeLakia ensured he primarily focused on his education.

She considered sports a secondary pursuit for her son since it was considered an outlet for children in the city. While RaeLakia focused on the educational aspect, Reddick’s father played a crucial role in nurturing his athletic talent.

Eventually, the youngster’s mom started supporting him in his athletic endeavors. The collaborative efforts of both parents laid the foundation for his future success.

RaeLakia and Haason’s father created a balanced environment, acknowledging the significance of both academics and sports in their son’s life.

The dual emphasis on education and athletic development contributed to Reddick’s well-rounded growth. Hence, his parent’s teamwork played an instrumental role in guiding him towards the achievements that define his journey today.

Haason Reddick mother
Haason Reddick and his mother. Credit: Instagram.

The Challenges of his Recruitment Process:

Haason Reddick faced the daunting task of navigating the next steps in his football journey because he had little high school film to attract college recruiters. To make matters worse, both his parents lack experience in football recruiting and college applications.

Apparently, Reddick’s dad, Raymond, had an unconventional journey to college football. As a result, he lacked knowledge about the complex process of pursuing a football career or navigating college applications.

The linebacker initially found himself as a walk-on at Temple University. He was uncertain about his position and considered disposable by the team.

As a walk-on, his primary role was to assist scholarship players during practice, often serving as a football dummy for drills. Being a non-scholarship student, Haason faced financial challenges.

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Before he moved in with his father, his mother, RaeLakia, took out a loan to provide him with a meal card. This highlighted the financial strain on a walk-on athlete.

After his freshman year, head coach Steve Addazio inexplicably dismissed Haason Reddick from the team. The reasons remained undisclosed, leaving the youngster in the dark and facing a difficult situation.

Nonetheless, RaeLakia ensured her son continued his academic pursuit regardless of his football status. Despite the setback, Reddick’s determination remained unbroken.

The turning point came when the coaching at Temple was changed. Matt Rhule took over as the new coach, and Reddick was welcomed back to the team, marking a crucial moment of redemption.

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Haason Reddick Brothers:

Reddick has two younger siblings who are also talented athletes. He doesn’t just sink himself into his football endeavors but often creates time to be with his brothers.

As the oldest among his siblings, Reddick always encourages his brothers. He would emphasize the importance of defying limitations while encouraging them to dream big and strive for their goals.

The linebacker’s brothers are Camaj and Cinque Matthew. He is 14 years older than Camaj and 16 years older than Cinque. What’s more?… Camaj is already making strides on the football field.

Playing as a defensive end and wide receiver, Camaj embodies the traits of an excellent athlete. As expected, he looks up to his brother and aims to surpass his achievements in the future.

On the other hand, Cinque is the more laid-back and relaxed among the brothers. He also features as a defensive end and running back on the football pitch.

Despite his age, Cinque exudes the confidence needed to play the game at a varsity level. He shares his perspective on the mental aspect of the game, emphasizing the importance of visualization and strategic thinking.

Haason Reddick Girlfriend:

Although fans have watched the NFL star prosper in his career expedition, they are still puzzled by the realities of his relationship life. Of course, there are many ladies who have fallen deeply in love with his handsome face.

As a result, they can not help but wonder who Haason Reddick’s girlfriend is. The truth is the athlete has kept his personal life private. He is careful about how much information he puts on the internet.

After carefully researching his love life, we have discovered that Reddick had no girlfriend at the time of compiling this biography. He is focused on his football endeavors at the moment and would give romance a chance when he meets his soulmate.

Haason Reddick Lifestyle
Haason Reddick is still single.

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Quick Facts About Haason Reddick:

Full Name:Haason Samir Reddick
Date of Birth:22nd of September, 1994
Place of Birth:Camden, New Jersey, U.S
Father:Raymond Matthews
Mother:RaeLakia Reddick
Brothers:Camaj & Cinque Matthews
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight:240 lb (109 kg)