Josh Allen Girlfriend (Brittany Williams), Father, Mother & Siblings

Josh Allen Girlfriend (Brittany Williams), Father, Mother & Siblings

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Josh Allen. Our article covers facts about his Girlfriend (Brittany Williams), Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, and much more.

Joshua Patrick Allen is an American football quarterback who plays for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL).

He was born on the 21st of May 1996 to his father, Joel Allen, and mother, LaVonne Allen, in Firebaugh, California.

The quarterback who grew up on a 3,000-acre cotton farm had an unfathomable love for football since childhood. It was his dream to develop into a professional NFL athlete someday.

Interestingly, Allen followed his aspiration and found himself playing college football at Wyoming. Interestingly, he was super talented and caught the attention of many scouts.

Do you know?… Josh Allen was selected by the Bills as the seventh overall pick ahead of Kyler Murray in the 2018 NFL Draft. Despite all the hype he received from pundits, Allen’s performance in the first two years was inconsistent.

Nonetheless, he worked very hard to get back to his glory days. In 2020, the quarterback enjoyed a breakout season and led the Bills to their first division title and playoff victory since 1995.

The ensuing days of his career saw him winning many accolades, thanks to his exceptional talent. Having shared a brief story about his career expedition, let’s delve into his relationship life.

Josh Allen Girlfriend – Brittany Williams:

Allen isn’t like Lamar Jackson, who is fond of keeping his relationship life private. He loves to flaunt the picture of his beautiful girlfriend, Brittany Williams, on social media.

Interestingly, the talented quarterback has known his girlfriend since childhood. They were born in the same town and attended the same high school.

From their humble beginning, Allen and Brittany were close friends. They spent quality time together while pursuing their career aspirations.

It appears that Josh Allen’s girlfriend has had a crush on him since she was 8 years old. She confessed to this fact during their one-year anniversary via a caption she wrote on an Instagram post. It reads;

“My 8-year-old crush became my boyfriend a few years later. We’ve come a long way, and I’m glad you don’t have cooties anymore.”

Josh Allen Girlfriend - Brittany Williams

The love birds remained close friends until they graduated from high school. Allen didn’t want to be separated from Brittany. Hence, he applied to California State University, Fresno, where his girlfriend was a cheerleader.

Sadly, he was rejected and ended up attending the University of Wyoming. Distance didn’t become a barrier for the couple as they kept in touch and maintained their relationship.

With their long history of friendship, the two soon fell in love and officially started dating in 2017. Barely a year later, Josh Allen was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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Who is Brittany Williams, Josh Allen’s Girlfriend?

Brittany Williams was born on the 26th of April 1996 to her father, Chris Williams, and mother, Megan, in California. From her childhood days, Allen’s girlfriend has been a good dancer.

Brittany Williams childhood

She was a happy kid who spent so much time with her mom. When Williams came of age, her parents enrolled her to study at Firebaugh high school, where she began learning dancing and acrobats.

A few years later, the young dancer transferred to Clovis North High School to complete her high school education. During that time, she was a member of Dolce Dance Studio and the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

Brittany Williams soon enrolled at the California State University, Fresno, to study agriculture business operations. While in college, she didn’t back down on her dancing endeavour and became a cheerleader.

Fast forward to a few years later, Allen’s girlfriend became a Pilates instructor as well as an Instagram influencer. She’s got over 120 thousand followers on her Instagram page.

Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams Parents:

Josh Allen’s girlfriend was born into a family of four. Her father, Chris Williams, was a former superintendent of the Paso Robles Unified School District. He was also a talented athlete during his high school and college days.

Williams’ dad was the star linebacker of Fresno State back in 1994. On the other hand, her mother, Megan, has been quite a hardworking housewife that takes care of the kids.

The former cheerleader looks very much like her mother. In fact, she inherited her beautiful blonde hair from her mom. Check out how pretty they look in the picture below.

Brittany Williams Parents

Brittany Williams Brother:

Allen’s girlfriend has a brother named Jordan Williams. Unlike his dad, Jordan is more inclined to do academic activities than sports. He even completed his master’s degree program in 2019.

At the time of compiling this biography, Brittany’s brother is about to berg his Ph.D. in Biblical counsel from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, While pastoring at the Shadow Brook church.

What is Brittany Williams’ Net Worth?

Being an Instagram influencer gives her the privilege of earning money from sponsorship deals. Brittany Williams also promotes fashion and fitness brands, which makes her money.

She’s quite the businesswoman with multiple income streams. Hence, we have estimated Brittany Williams’ Net Worth to be a whopping sum of $300k in 2022.

Josh Allen Family And Ethnicity:

The quarterback comes from a family that has supported his career expedition over time. His parents were hard-working people who didn’t limit him from exploiting his potential.

As a young boy, Allen established a balance in his endeavours. He knew when to do the dishes in his mom’s restaurant and when to support his dad with farm work. Despite all these commitments, he still had time for sports.

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Josh Allen Family

Do you know?… Allen’s great-grandfather was a Swede who emigrated from Sweden to Ellis Island in 1907. He and his son, A.E. “Buzz” Allen, settled in Firebaugh, California, where the quarterback was born.

In 1975, Allen’s paternal grandfather (Buzz) started the family’s farming business, which has been passed down to its descendants. This short family history shows that the quarterback’s ancestry is of Swede origin. Nonetheless, he is an American by birth.

Josh Allen Father – Joel Allen:

Allen’s dad is Joel Allen. He took over the family’s farming business after his father (Buzz) suffered terribly and died of cancer in 2013.

Joel Allen’s hard work on the farm helped shaped Josh’s work ethic. According to the quarterback, his father always wakes up early, before the sun rises to go to work and returns home at sunset.

As the breadwinner of his family, Mr Joel Allen works his tail off to provide for all of his households. According to Allen, his dad is the most selfless man he’s ever known. On this note, Allen believes he’s only half the man his dad (Joel Allen) has been.

Josh Allen dad - Joel Allen

Despite his farming endeavours, Joel still makes out to attend his son’s college game. He is always concerned about how all his children are faring in their career endeavours.

Do you know?… Josh Allen’s father reportedly suffered from pneumonia and COVID-19 in January 2021. He was hospitalized for his ailment and even missed going to his son’s game within that period.

Back in the day, Joel usually drove his son to school. On their way, he would pretend to interview Josh with his cellphone like a Super Bowl winner.

He was like every other father who had high hopes of seeing his son succeed. In the end, Josh has finally made his dad proud by establishing himself as a talented NFL quarterback.

Josh Allen bought a truck for his dad in gratitude for helping him excel in his football expedition. It was quite a good way to appreciate his parents for their support in his career life.

Josh Allen Mother – LaVonne Allen:

During the period that Josh and his siblings were in high school, his mom ran a restaurant in Firebaugh called The Farmer’s Daughter.

Her business was responsible for feeding many people in the town (especially a good number of farmers). LaVonne Allen had a good work ethic, like her husband.

She also engaged her kids in her business by making them wash dishes in exchange for a free meal during their lunch break in school.

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Josh Allen Mom - LaVonne Allen

Sadly, LaVonne had to sell her restaurant when the need to attend her son’s games became eminent. Apparently, Allen’s mom and dad had always encouraged their children to take sports seriously.

They created a kids’ paradise in the countryside comprising a volleyball court, a green pitch, and a basketball court. She and her husband did all this to give their kids a fun and memorable childhood.

Selling the restaurant gave LaVonne more time to focus on managing Josh. Her sacrifices turned out to be fruitful, as her son has finally become a professional football player.

Josh Allen Sisters – Nicala & Makenna Allen:

The quarterback isn’t the only child in his family. He has two beautiful sisters (Nicala & Makenna) and a brother (Jason Allen).

Allen’s younger sister, Makenna, is also a standout athlete who plays softball, basketball, and volleyball in high school. She picked an interest in sports at the time when their parents made efforts to groom their athletic prowess.

Perhaps she may end up accomplishing a great feat in sports, like her brother. Research shows that Makenna is more inclined to basketball than any other sport.

Allen’s older sister, Nicala Allen Madden, is married to her long-term boyfriend, Brayden Madden. She and her husband tied the knot on the 10th of July 2021.

Although she prefers to stay away from the spotlight, she has always been a huge support to her kid brothers in their career expedition.

Josh Allen Brother – Jason Allen:

Jason is one year younger than Josh. He is also an athlete who has paid more attention to his academic activities than sports. The young Allen has always been more of a close friend to his brother.

In their childhood days, they did a lot of activities together. What’s more?… Jason and Josh often teamed up to play football against other kids. Their bond was quite unbreakable and got people wondering what made them so close.

Allen’s younger brother graduated with a degree in Agriculture Business from Saddleback Community College, where he played baseball as an outfielder.

Like his older sister, Jason married his long-term girlfriend, Delani Allen. The couple started dating in 2015 before tying the knot on the 2nd of April  2021.

Quick Facts About Josh Allen:

Full Name:Joshua Patrick Allen
Date of Birth:21st of May 1996
Place of Birth:Firebaugh, California
Father:Joel Allen
Mother:LaVonne Allen
Sisters:Nicala & Makenna Allen
Brother:Jason Allen
Girlfriend:Brittany Williams
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight:237 lb (108 kg)