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Jason Kelce facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Jason Kelce. Our article covers Facts about his wife (Kylie McDevitt), Family (Parents & Siblings), and much more.

Jason Daniel Kelce is an American football center who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. He was born on the 5th day of November 1987 to his father, Ed Kelce and mother, Donna Kelce, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kelce is the oldest child in his family and grew up exploiting many childhood expeditions with his kid brother, Travis. Both boys were raised by their parents in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

With his excellent performance in the NFL over the years, fans are interested to know more about his life off the field. Read on, as we provide you with fascinating answers to the top wiki inquiries about Jason Kelce.

Is Jason Kelce Married?

The relationship status of many players is usually one of the best topics of discussion between fans, and Kelce is not left out. Since he rose to stardom, many of his devout female fans have been drawn to his cute looks.

Of course, his admirers often wonder if their prince charming is single or married. The truth is, Jason Kelce is already taken at the time of compiling this Biography.

Who is Jason Kelce’s Wife?

Living alone might have taken a toll on the football center, who saw the need to find a life partner. Hence, Kelce hopped into the dating app – Tinder – in search of his missing rib.

He was not disappointed by his attempt to get a sincere girlfriend from the dating app, as he met Kylie McDevitt through the app. Kelce and Kylie found their personalities attractive to each other and became friends.

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Their friendship soon transcended into a serious relationship as Kylie McDevitt became his cute girlfriend. Moreso, McDevitt considered herself the most fortunate lady to have met her wonderful partner.

Jason Kelce girlfriend

She often supported him from the sidelines whenever he stepped into the pitch to play. Of course, Kelce knew he had found himself a beautiful wife because he saw in her all the qualities he ever needed in a woman.

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After a few years of dating, the athlete was convinced he wanted to spend the rest of his life with McDevitt. Hence, Jason Kelce popped the big question to his girlfriend as he asked her to marry him. Interestingly, the love birds tied the knot as husband and wife in 2018.

The football center's wife

Facts About Kylie McDevitt:

Kylie McDevitt was the youngest child of her family, born to her parents in Narbeth, Pennsylvania. She attended Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania and grew up with her elder sister, Aubrey, in the town of her birth.

Apparently, Kylie has always been a cheerful lady with a strong personality. She often prioritizes her family first over anything else.

Like her husband, Kylie McDevitt is also an athlete who explored many adventures in field hockey. She was quite flexible and displayed excellent skills while playing with her team. Here is what she had to say concerning her career;

Kylie McDevitt hockey career

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to become a part of the Cabrini Field Hockey family. The experience gave me memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Do you know?… Jason Kelce’s wife began her hockey career at Cabrini University, where she played collegiate golf. Her confidence on the pitch was commendable and often lifted the spirits of her teammates.

After many years have gone by, Kylie still ensures her family continues to unite together in love and harmony. Pictured below is an image of Kylie McDevitt and her older sister after they both became mothers.

Kylie McDevitt sister

Does Jason Kelce Have Children?

Simply put, Jason Kelce is a father of kids at the time of compiling this biography. His relationship with Kylie McDevitt resulted in the birth of their first child, whom they named Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce.

Wyatt Kelce was born on the 2nd day of October 2019. Subsequently, Kelce and his wife welcomed their second-born child in March 2021 and named her Elliotte Ray.

During the 2021 Christmas celebration, Jason Kelce shared a beautiful picture of his family as they wished everyone a Merry Christmas. See how gorgeous he looks with his wife and two daughters in the image below.

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Jason Kelce family

Jason Kelce Family:

To begin with, his family origin is a mix of different ethnicity, including Polish, English and Scottish ancestry. Kelce’s parents were working-class citizens who had good financial knowledge.

They worked tirelessly to ensure that their boys got a better life. As the breadwinner of the family, the athlete’s parents often made provisions for the welfare of their kids.

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Of course, every member of his household supported each other’s dreams. Hence, when Jason and his brother decided to pursue a career in football, they were certain that their family would not allow them to face the hurdles alone.

Jason Kelce Father:

Indeed, Jason’s dad, Ed Kelce, has played an integral role in his upbringing. Ed was a sales rep in the steel business.

Despite his busy schedule, he spared some of his time to be with his sons and their mother. His vision was to see Jason and his brother, Travis, grow into wonderful young men with fulfilled dreams.

Jason Kelce dad
A rare photo of Jason’s brother, Travis, with their father, Ed Kelce.

To actualise this, Ed Kelce ensured his boys went to school to acquire a good education. He kept track of their progress in academics as well as their performance in sports.

Whenever Jason got into a heated argument or fought with his brother, their father usually stepped in to resolve their differences. He is the dad Jason Kelce would always be proud of.

Who is Jason Kelce Mother:

The athlete’s mom, Donna Kelce, is so delighted to see her boys succeed in their respective career life. According to CBS, Kelce’s mother made the news headline as she went to both Eagles and Chiefs playoff games on Sunday.

She wanted to be present in person to cheer on Jason and his Travis as their team both made it to the playoffs in 2022. Coincidentally, her sons’ games fell on the same day but at different locations.

Hence, the courageous mom made it her mission to be there for both Travis and Jason. of course, Donna Kelce fulfilled her mission as she first visited Tampa Bay to watch Jason before rushing off to Arrowhead Stadium to cheer on Travis.

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Jason Kelce Mom

Her act of heroism for her children has ever since been a source of motivation for many other mothers. Indeed, Donna is proud of her son’s accomplishments in football.

Do you know?… Jason Kelce’s mother works in the banking sector. Her profession gives a little glimpse into her personality. This implies that Donna Kelce is quite calculative before making any serious decision.

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Jason Kelce Brother – Travis Kelce:

Jason is not the only athlete in his home. As earlier stated, he has a younger brother, Travis, who also plays in the professional league.

Travis Kelce features as the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. Back in the day, Jason and his brother attended Cleveland Heights High School.

They always drove in their old car to make it to school and train after class. Travis wasn’t usually committed to their constant football routines. Thankfully, Jason literally drags him out to make sure he gets to the field on time.

Jason Kelce sibling

It was quite a beautiful sight to behold the brothers running to the field to train after school. Sometimes, they would giggle, make jokes and laugh after undertaking an exhausting training session.

Every day, Jason kept re-affirm to his kid brother that football is the path that they must take.  It turned out that all their efforts from high school became beneficial in the long run, as they both became one of the most established brothers in the NFL.

Do you know?… Jason Kelce played hockey in high school while his younger brother, Travis Kelce, played basketball.

Quick Facts About Jason Kelce

Full Name:Jason Daniel Kelce
Nickname:Jason Kelce
Date of Birth:5th of November 1987
Place of Birth:Charlotte, North Carolina
Father:Ed Kelce
Mother:Donna Kelce
Brother:Travis Kelce
Wife:Kylie McDevitt
Daughters:Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce
Net Worth:Elliotte Ray
Annual Salary:$14 million (2022 Stats)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:295 lb (134 kg)