Roger McCreary Family (Parents & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Roger McCreary facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Roger McCreary. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, mother (Felicia James), Father, sister, step-dad and much more.

Roger McCreary was born on the 10th day of February 2000 to his mom, Felicia James, and dad in Mobile, Alabama. He is an American football cornerback who plays for the Auburn Tigers.

The talented athlete is the eldest of two children born of the union between his parents. He was raised at his birthplace (Mobile) with his cute little sister, Tadaisha.

Roger McCreary Family:

It’s quite fascinating that the upcoming icon was born into a sports-loving household. He is like Ahmad Gardner, whose parents took his aspirations in sports seriously and supported his pursuit of success in football.

Of course, every member of his family contributed their quota to easing his career expedition. By the time he becomes a renowned player, he wouldn’t forget to appreciate the efforts of his family, most notably his mother.

Roger McCreary Mother – Felicia James:

McCreary’s mom, Felicia James, was a talented athlete right from her childhood days. She was a multifaceted player who ventured into playing basketball, baseball, and softball.

Interestingly, Felicia James also played Pop Warner football at the RV Taylor Boys and Girls Club. Although there were a few girls playing Pop Warner back then, none of them came close to surpassing her talent.

To be honest, sports run through her veins and she seems to have passed down her athletic genes to her son, McCreary.

Do you know? Roger McCreary’s mother was still in high school when she had him. Despite giving birth to her son at a very young age, she never gave up on sports.

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There were days when Felicia would bring her boy to basketball practices and games when he was just a couple of years old. Indeed, she also made sure sports became a focal point of his life from his childhood days.

How Roger McCreary’s Mom Prepared Him For Excellence in Sports:

By the time he was 4-years old, McCreary and his mother spent their weekends at the park. Felicia often took him to football games and let him run around and just get a feel for the game.

She became his first trainer and taught him how to throw a baseball, too. Just like how she ventured into several games, Felicia taught her son how to play soccer, basketball, and eventually ran track.

As the young lad continued to grow, his mother always tried to introduce him to something positive other than the streets. Sports became the central part of McCreary’s family life. It created a strong bond between him and his mom.

Roger McCreary Father:

The fact that his mom gave birth to him when she was in high school means that she probably didn’t get married to his dad. After many years has passed, McCreary seldom talks about his father.

Even when he signed a letter of intent to play football at Auburn on the 7th day of February 2018, his father wasn’t present. Instead, McCreary went to the event with his step-father, Fitzgerald Jones.

Yes! His mom later remarried and got to escape from the pain of living a lonely life. Moreso, the cornerback got to enjoy the presence of a father figure in his life. Below is a picture of the athlete and his step-dad, Fitzgerald Jones.

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Roger McCreary Father

Roger McCreary Sister – Tadaisha:

As earlier stated, he isn’t the only child in his family. It appears that Roger McCreary has a sister who is nine years younger than him.

During his childhood days, the 9-year-old McCreary was playing around on a court with his mother before one of his basketball games. As his mom (who was 9 months pregnant at that time) tried to block one of his shots, she fell to the ground.

This made her go into labour the next morning, after which she successfully gave birth to McCreary’s sister, Tadaisha. There is no detailed information if she is his biological sister or step-sister.

Roger McCreary Girlfriend:

There’s something so peculiar amongst the NFL 2022 Draft prospect with Afro-American Ethnicity. Most of them seem to be sceptical about revealing facts concerning their relationship life.

Like Malik Willis and Evan Neal, McCreary has not published any post on his social media handle that suggests he has a girlfriend. Perhaps he is just too focused on the task of making it to the NFL before he can think of jumping into a relationship.

Of course, this is good news for many of his female fans who are wishing they would end up as his girlfriend or potential wife. However, we are not certain about the moment he would decide to give his love life due attention.

Roger McCreary High school Career:

McCreary attended Williamson High School in Mobile, Alabama, where he played high school football. He graduated as a 3-star prospect and was ranked as the 87th cornerback in the country. After high school, he committed to play college football for Auburn University.

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College Career:

In 2018, and as a true freshman, McCreary played in 7 games for his team. The following year, he featured in all 13 games and recorded 36 tackles and one interception.

The athlete's college career

Interestingly, McCreary became a full-time starter in his junior year in 2020. He recorded 45 tackles and 3 interceptions in 10 games. Rather than enter the 2021 NFL Draft, the athlete returned to Auburn for his senior year.

As expected, he put on an impressive performance in 2021 and recorded 2 interceptions, an SEC best 14 pass breakups, and 49 tackles.

Quick Facts About Roger McCreary:

Full Name:Roger McCreary
Date of Birth:10th of February 2000
Place of Birth:Mobile, Alabama
Mother:Felicia James
Step-Dad:Fitzgerald Jones
Height:6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight:190 lb (86 kg)