Tyler Herro Girlfriend (Katya Elise Henry), Family, Father, Mother & Brothers

Tyler Herro Girlfriend (Katya Elise Henry), Family, Father, Mother & Brothers

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Tyler Herro. Our article covers facts about his Girlfriend (Katya Elise Henry), Family (Father, Mother & Siblings), and Children.

Tyler Christopher Herro is an American basketball shooting guard who plays for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He was born on the 20th of January 2000 to his father, Chris Herro, and Mother, Jennifer Herro, in Greenfield, Wisconsin, United States. The young lad was raised alongside his two younger brothers in his birthplace.

Herro went to Whitnall High School, where he had an outstanding high school basketball career. His performance was exceptional and attracted many scouts to monitor his progress.

The news of the High School wonderkid spread very fast like wide fire. It earned Herro popularity as well as scholarship offers from renowned colleges like the University of Wisconsin–Madison, DePaul University, etc.

After consulting with his parents, the young lad committed to play college basketball at the University of Wisconsin.  Barely a year later, he de-committed from Wisconsin and joined the University of Kansas and Kentucky in 2017.

Herro was selected by the Miami Heat as 13th overall behind other talented players like Ja Morant and Darius Garland in the 2019 NBA Draft. He was named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2020 and the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 2022.

Tyler Herro Girlfriend – Katya Elise Henry:

Herro is not the kind of person who would pursue an explosive career expedition at the expense of his love life. Like Mikal Bridges, the shooting guard is in a relationship with a pretty damsel.

She is no other than his girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry. The love birds began dating in 2020 after Katya broke up from her previous relationship.

Tyler Herro Girlfriend - Katya Elise Henry

The truth is, Herro’s girlfriend dated the Los Angeles Lakers player Kyle Kuzma from 2018 to 2019. However, their relationship ended on a sad note. Hence, Katya moved on with her life.

She met Herro a few months later and decided to give her love life another chance. As a result, the journey of her new love story with the NBA star began.

Herro and his girlfriend have shared their journey on their Instagram accounts. They’ve been quite the hilarious couples with positive vibes.

Tyler Herro Accused of Cheating on his Girlfriend:

Herro’s relationship with Katya has encountered some difficult hurdles. He was implicitly accused of cheating on his girlfriend, and the news created a stir on social media.

The situation was brought to fans’ awareness via Katya’s cryptic message on Instagram. The message read, “If you cheat on someone that is willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of loyalty.”

Although she didn’t mention Herro’s name in the post, she immediately unfollowed him and deleted all the pictures she had with him from her Instagram account.

Not long afterwards, Herro wrote a heartfelt message on Katya’s 28th birthday. She replied to the post with a black heart emoji and followed him back on Instagram. We hope the love birds have resolved their differences and are willing to give their relationship a second chance.

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Katya Elise Henry

Who is Katya Elise Henry, Tyler Herro’s Girlfriend/Baby Mama?

Katya Elise Henry was born on the 14th of June, 1994, to her father, Derick Anthony Henry, and Mother, Tawnya Lynn Nelson, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Judging by her date of birth, Katya is about five years older than her boyfriend.

She is a businesswoman, model, fitness trainer, and social media personality with over 8 million followers on her Instagram account. The exquisite damsel gained popularity for sharing tips on how to keep the body lean and fit.

Apparently, Herro’s girlfriend spent her childhood days at her birthplace. When she came of age, her parents had her attend Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Back then, Katya joined the high school cheerleading team, which exposed her to the fitness activities she so much loves in recent times. According to one of her captions on YouTube, Katya attended Texas Tech University after high school.

She also joined the University’s cheerleading team and continued to work hard on her fitness skills. Hence, Katya soon became quite experienced and began inspiring women with her fitness journey to never give up until they reached their desired fitness target.

Tyler Herro's Girlfriend/Baby Mama
Meet Herro’s beautiful baby mama and their daughter.

The journey she embarked upon via Instagram for her personal satisfaction has benefitted many others. It has also opened many doors of financial breakthroughs for Katya.

Now, she makes money through her training programs, sponsored promotion and other business models. Indeed, her passion has transformed her into a respected celebrity.

Katya Elise Henry Family & Ethnicity:

Tyler Herro’s girlfriend revealed on Instagram that her family origin is of mixed ethnicity. This is because her parents’ ancestries comprise different family roots.

Katya’s father, Derick Anthony Henry, is a professional bodyguard who has worked hard to provide for his family. On the other hand, her mom, Tawnya Lynn Nelson, is a fitness trainer.

Tawnya was delighted when she learned that her daughter had picked interest in her line of work. She began coaching Katya and taught her many secrets to help her succeed in the fitness niche.

Katya Elise Henry has two other family members who made her childhood blissful. They are her sisters, Tanaya Henry and Gabrielle Henry.

Guess what?… Katya’s sister, Tanaya, was an actress, jewellery designer and model with many followers on social media. That makes her family a household of accomplished celebrities.

Katya Elise Henry Net Worth, Income Source & Salary:

The businesswoman has established different sources of income in her endeavours. She makes money from modelling and paid promotion.

However, a large chunk of her earnings stems from her business of selling fitness merchandise on her eCommerce store. After carefully evaluating her income, we’ve estimated Katya Elisa Henry’s Net worth to be a whopping sum of $8 million.

Katya Elise Henry Wiki:

Birth Name Katya Elise Henry
Nickname Katya
Father Derick Anthony Henry
Mother Tawnya Lynn Nelson
Sisters Tanaya Henry
Gabrielle Henry.
Brother N/A
School 1. Desert Mountain High School
2. Prior Lake High School
3. Horizon High School
4. Texas Tech university
Profession Social Media star, Fitness expert, Businesswoman
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mix-American
Net worth (approx.) $8 million (2022 Stats)
Age (as of 2022) 27 years old.
Date of Birth June 14, 1994
Place of Birth Minneapolis, Minnesota
Instagram @katyaelisehenry
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Tyler Herro Daughter:

Herro’s relationship with Katya was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Zya Elise Herro. The couple welcomed her into the world on the 14th of September, 2021.

About nine months later, Herro and his girlfriend announced via social media that they are expecting a second child. It is only a matter of time before the NBA star sees his family grow in their numbers.

Tyler Herro Daughter

Tyler Herro Family & Ethnicity:

Like Darius Garland, the shooting guard hails from an athletic household. His father and brothers are also talented basketball players. Hence, it was quite easy for Herro to hold a sports-related argument or conversation with his family members.

Tyler Herro is an American national with White Ethnicity. This section will share more interesting facts about his dad, mom, and siblings.

Tyler Herro Family

Tyler Herro Father – Chris Herro:

Herro’s dad, Christopher Herro, was born on the 11th of July, 1968. He was a talented basketball player from his childhood. Back in the day, Chris played high school basketball before graduating in 1992.

After high school, Herro’s dad continued his promising career at Florida State. Of course, he was also phenomenal in college basketball. However, he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, which cost him his entire career.

Everything Chris had dreamt of accomplishing in pro basketball went down the drain. He lost a Division I scholarship and other offers from Saint Louis and Florida State.

Of course, Herro’s father lamented his misfortune for a while. The experience also shocked his wife and neighbours, who were used to regularly seeing him hit the gym. After a long time, Chris came to terms that he could no longer play pro basketball.

Hence, he vowed to help his boys attain the height of success he couldn’t gain in the NBA. On this note, Chris established himself as the most significant influence Herro had since the earliest days of his career.

He oversaw Herro’s training and often accompanied him to watch his games. Even in times of difficult decisions, Chris ensures he advises his son on the right course of action to take.

At the time of compiling this biography, Tyler Herro’s dad is reportedly the owner of Superior Disposal. He plows snow in the winter and works as a concrete contractor during the summer.

Tyler Herro Father - Chris Herro

How Chris Herro Influenced Tyler’s Career:

As earlier stated, Chris has always been a major inspiration for his son. It was only natural that he taught his son the skills and knowledge he had in the game as a former player.

He told his son to respect each game and treat it like it was the last time he would play it. By doing so, Tyler would be able to approach each game with his entire might.

Chris also advised his son to always believe that he is the best player on the court during any game. He was sensitive to Herro’s performance and knew just when he would compel the NBA star to hit the gym.

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On several occasions, Chris and his wife, Jennifer, would travel from Greenfield to distant states to watch some of their son’s games in person.

Tyler Herro Mother – Jennifer Herro:

Herro’s mom, Jennifer, met his dad while they were in college and fell in love with him. The couple took their relationship to a new level by tying the knots as husband and wife in 1999.

Interestingly, Jennifer was also an athlete while studying in college. Her experience in sporting activities made it easier for her to contribute to Herro’s career growth.

Jen’s marriage to Chris was blessed with three sons. As a committed mother, she doesn’t take her children’s future for granted.

Tyler Herro Mother - Jennifer Herro

There were days when Jen and her husband would disagree about certain decisions concerning Herro’s career. Of course, their marriage adventure wasn’t always without some hurdles and irregularities. But in the end, their love for each other prevails.

While Tyler saw his father as the disciplinarian in his childhood, his mom was his biggest consolation. Whenever he and his dad got into an argument, he would run to his mother to listen to her comforting words.

Guess what?… After Herro signed his NBA contract in 2019, he appreciated his mom for her efforts by buying her a $5,000 Gucci bag. Of course, that was the tip of the iceberg compared to the many things he had gifted her at the time of compiling this bio.

Tyler Herro Brother – Austin Herro:

The NBA star has two younger siblings. His brother, Austin Herro, was born in Wisconsin on the 1st of January 2004. Austin also ventured into playing basketball at a very young age.

He is quite talented in the game and is grooming his talent by playing high school basketball for Whitnall High School.

Tyler Herro Brother - Austin Herro

Do you know?… Herro’s brother, Austin, suffered from several ailments while growing up. Thanks to his promising prowess, we believe he might become another sensational athlete like his older brother in no distant time.

Austin is not only focused on sports, but he has also invested his time in creating social media content. He has more than 50k subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 67k followers on his Instagram account.

Tyler Herro Brother – Myles Herro:

The youngest of Herro’s siblings is Myles Herro. He is an eighth grader (as of 2022), who is carefully following in the footsteps of his older brothers.

Myles Herro was brought to the limelight of fame during the 2021 AAU basketball season. His exciting talent got many people singing his praise on Twitter. He is also active on Instagram, with about 61k followers.

Tyler Herro Brother - Myles Herro

Quick Fact About Tyler Herro

Full Name:Tyler Christopher Herro
Nickname:Boy Wonder
Date of Birth:20th of January 2000
Place of Birth:Greenfield, Wisconsin, United States
Father:Chris Herro
Mother:Jennifer Herro
Brothers:Austin Herro
Myles Herro
Girlfriend/Baby Mama:Katya Elise Henry
Children:Zya Elise Herro (daughters)
Net Worth:$5 Million US (2022 Stats)
Position:Shooting Guard
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight:195 lb (88 kg)